Rewilded landscape at Knepp. Photo: Sam Rose

Dr Sam Rose FRGS

HOP 18. What if you just leave it? A Wilding Journey

Thursday 30 May 2024, 7pm

Entry donations: £12 (under 21s £6)

All proceeds to West Dorset Wilding. Extra donations can be given on the night.

Doors 6pm, bar and hot supper available

Please phone 01308 459511 to reserve your seat now!

Nature in the UK is in crisis from years of pollution, urbanisation, intensive agriculture, destruction of important habitats and lack of investment in conservation.  We are now living in a landscape which not only can’t protect us from the effects of flooding, drought and pollution, but has left many animal and plant species on the brink of disappearing from our shores altogether.  

Although it may seem a rural idyll, West Dorset is no different from many other parts of the UK and its ‘biodiversity’ – the variety of life – has been hugely depleted over the last 70+ years.  West Dorset Wilding has been set up to start to address this locally.  Led by local landowners and farmers, who understand the problems facing nature, how these impact on all of us, and how, as custodians and users of the land, we can all start to make a difference on our doorstep.

The charity now has funding to focus their attention initially on the wider Brit catchment, which includes the areas around the Symene, the Asker, the Brit and the Mangerton rivers. Within this area they are working to help landowners and farmers collaborate in a coalition of the willing to improve nature at a catchment scale.   

Dr Sam Rose managed England’s only Natural World Heritage Site, the Jurassic Coast, for more than 15 years until 2019, including as inaugural CEO of the Jurassic Coast Trust. Since when he has been helping to set up and lead West Dorset Wilding and has followed a lifelong ambition to become a part-time professional photographer through a Photography Masters, focusing on digital storytelling about nature.

When he started his photography project about Rewilding in 2019, Dr Sam Rose had literally no idea the subject would lead to a podcast, nationally recognised photography, a book (not yet published) and a new career in the field. Sam will talk about this journey, about the complexities of wilding, or rewilding (the R-Word), about the power of an idea, the fear of change and about the primeval nature of walking around the Knepp estate after dark.  It will end with an introduction to West Dorset Wilding, the charity Sam helped to set up and now works for, which is the beneficiary of the event.

Help Our Planet  

The HOP talks are part of an initiative aiming to inspire and inform individuals, families and local communities with tangible actions to help combat the effects of climate change and environmental degradation, and to raise money for charities working in these areas. Each month the charity is chosen by the speaker. The project was initiated by Philip Howse OBE (Professor Emeritus, University of Southampton) with Professor Sir Ghillean Prance FRS VMH (former Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) and the late James Lovelock CBE. Patrons include: George Monbiot, Clive Farrell, Dr George McGavin and Dr Kate Rawles.

Please phone 01308 459511 to book your seats now.

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