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Julian Bailey

Saturday 14 May – 2 July 2022

Julian Bailey is an ambitious highly acclaimed painter whose work we have been pleased to show regularly over a number of years. Recently Julian has been exploring new territory in his work both in terms of style and content. This exhibition includes recent works that combine figure painting with an exciting level of abstraction, including contemporary responses to Thomas Hardy’s novels. Canoeist off Lulworth is a major oil first shown in 2018 which shows the roots of the new work in a glorious symphony of colours that read as a figurative painting of cliffs and sea.

All the paintings are presented framed in good pale wooden frames and are available to buy or reserve now. Please call us on 01308 459511 or email with any enquiries.

Summer Prints and Drawings Group Show

17 July – 12 September 2021

Julian Bailey’s Drypoint prints, some hand-coloured in gouache, can be viewed via the link above.

Over the last three or four years, Julian has been working extensively from the model in his studio in Drypoint etching. ‘I am so very excited to be giving a number of these Drypoints their first outing at Sladers Yard this Summer,’ he writes. Julian is showing his new figure work with some prints of more familiar subject matter, handled in the more economical way demanded by the printing technique. 

Julian Bailey’s paintings are filled with colour, energy and movement. We are very pleased to hold stock of his work which can be seen in three 2021 sections, Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Apart from some prints which are unframed, the works are presented framed in good pale wooden frames and are available to buy or reserve now. Please call us on 01308 459511 or email with any enquiries. Please remember to click on all the sections!

The etchings are made in small groups of twelve usually by me on a hand-turned press. A few I select to be ‘over painted’ in gouache, making each coloured etching a one-off picture. The greatly simplified line of the diamond tip scoring into the metal plate gives off a beautiful black velvety mark, which is the unique hallmark of Drypoint. This compliments the brilliant quality of the gouache paint to make the special combination that goes into these artworks.


When Julian Bailey paints in oil he works on board, enjoying the resistance of the hard surface.  ‘I have a fairly wide range of colours, but try to limit my palette as much as possible in one painting.  I try to keep the colours fresh and clean, using clearly visible brush strokes which define the objects.  I want the finished paintings to look spontaneous with everything in the right place, even if it has actually taken a lot of time with many changes and repainting.’  The results do look remarkably effortless and spontaneous. His figures seem simple, yet they are full of attitude, while his landscapes reach for the anatomy of the countryside and find just as much character and form there as he puts into his figures. The elements of his paintings give the sense of being in that place at that moment, just when everything came together to make something remarkable.

Julian Bailey lives with his family near Dorchester. Born in 1963, he had his first successful exhibition at Malvern Public Library when he was still at school.  He studied art at the Ruskin School while attending New College, Oxford and then went on to the Royal Academy Schools where he was awarded the Turner Gold Medal and later the Landseer Scholarship.

He had his first one-man show in London in 1991 and has exhibited regularly since, joining Browse & Darby in Cork Street in 1999 as their youngest artist. He and his family moved to Dorset in 1998 when Julian began to paint landscapes, particularly the Dorset coast. In 2011 he was elected to join the New English Art Club and awarded the David Messum Prize. He also won the Manya Igel prize that year. His work is in numerous collections including HRH The Prince of Wales, New College Oxford, Pembroke College Oxford, Reed Executive, Old Mutual Assurance, Daiwa Bank, SG Warburg and more. He has shown at Sladers Yard since 2007 with three solo shows and numerous group shows.

To enquire about any of the paintings please phone us on 01308 459511 or email

Whole, true to themselves, emotionally rich and seemingly spontaneous…

Bailey’s paintings belong to a world of which he is himself very much a part. His art has the power to strike a rich chord; the ability to evoke the full choreography of life in all its timbre and cadence, light and joy.

This is a deeply engaged and deeply engaging painter who has achieved what he set out achieve, namely a truly viable language in paint.

Extracts from Vivienne Light FRSA’s foreword to the catalogue for Julian Bailey’s At the Waterfront solo show in 2015.