Roger Hardy

Dream Journey. Wood with earth pigments.

ROGER HARDY makes sculpture that resonates with the essence of humanity. He lives in Suffolk in a river estuary that has been a conduit for people since humanity arrived in this country. His work echoes back in time to the nomadic history of peoples and is as relevant today as ever, referring to individual encounters and the imaginative force that fires us all.

Roger studied graphic design at Kingston College of Art and Design (Kingston University) and had a successful career as a designer in London before 2000 when he started making sculpture and moved back to where he was brought up in rural Suffolk. He has exhibited his sculpture across the south-east of England including at Flowers Gallery and David Linley amongst others in London. He finds wood for his work in the estuary of the River Alde, in local boatyards and woodlands, searching for signs of erosion and decay and working with the character of wood to release the human and other figures he sees within them. This is his first exhibition at Sladers Yard.

To register interest in Roger Hardy’s work and receive a notification when it becomes available to view and buy online, please email  or phone 01308 459511.

Roger Hardy by Amedeo Castellini

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