v for vegetarians • vg for vegans • gf gluten-free.
Please let us know if you have any allergies or need information about ingredients. Special requirements/groups etc: just give us a call! 

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Hire the space? Catered private dinners/drinks parties/weddings/gatherings/funerals/wakes.

Support our great local suppliers for ethical, sustainable, local ingredients: Dorset Brewing Co; Frampton’s Butchers; Davy’s Locker and Baboo Gelato. 

Please ask if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. Our food is all made in-house (except the bread). The kitchen uses nuts and although we take great care we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace of nuts or other allergens in our food.

All our coffee, most of our tea and milk and many of our ingredients are organic. All are carefully and ethically sourced.

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