Petter Southall

Tables, Desks and Cabinets

Sladers Yard is the showroom for designer craftsman Petter Southall’s furniture and other creations in wood. A good selection of his work can always be seen here.

Talk to us about ideas and commissions. We can put you in touch with Petter and draw on his previous designs and ideas. He works mainly to order, designing new pieces or making already existent designs to meet your needs and desires perfectly. He keeps Sladers Yard stocked with one-off and small batch pieces which can be bought direct from here and shipped to you, wherever you are.

Please contact the gallery on or telephone 01308 459511 with any enquiries. Pieces that are available to buy now are priced or marked £POA (price on application).

Petter Southall Rise Table

Rise Table in brown oak, steam-bent base, oiled finish, W130 x L190cm, seats 10 comfortably.
Available to buy £poa.

Petter Southall Three and Two Half Rings Table

Seats 8 comfortably. 153cm diameter. Solid elm top with steam-bent solid oak base and oiled finish. 
Available to buy £poa.

Petter Southall Lift End Table

Lift Table solid oak with bleached finish, steam-bent base fixed with joinery and pegged. Top is one solid piece (impossible to source now) cut freehand along the bark line. 210 x 80cm. Seats 8-10.
Available to buy £9,500.

Petter Southall Three Star Table

Three Star Table with very rare rippled oak top and steam-bent brown oak base, finished with many layers of beeswax and oils. 90cm diameter. Seats 4 comfortably. 
Available to buy £5,950.

Petter Southall Long Hourglass Console Table

Steam bent base and oiled finish. 146 x 38 x 85cm. Solid oak throughout with burr oak. 
Available to buy £poa.

Petter Southall Manta Glass-Top Table

Manta Glass-Top Table in solid bleached oak, steam-bent base, cast glass, L194 x D93cm, sits 8 comfortably.
Available to buy £poa.

Petter Southall Manta Hall Table / Sideboard

Manta Hall Table/ Sideboard solid oak, steam-bent base, washed finish L203 x D76cm.
Available to commission £poa.

Petter Southall Turn Left Bench Low Table

Petter Southall Corner Cabinet

Corner Cabinet, rippled oak top, steam-bent concave rippled oak doors, burr oak interior with drawers, 200-year-old Russia leather details, brown oak frame, oiled finish. H94 x 86 cm Depth and Width from the corner.
Available to commission £poa.

Petter Southall Upright Cabinet

Upright Cabinet, Rippled oak doors. Steam bent oak structure. Oiled finish. H122 x W74 x D42cm. Available to commission £poa.

Petter Southall Memory Chest

Memory Chest, designed by Petter Southall and made by the i tre studio as a team, representing one year’s work for one craftsman. Oak on ash with steam-bent lid, oak-bark-tanned leather interior with removable spinning CD rack, 16 dovetailed drawers, oiled finish.
Available to commission £poa.

Petter Southall Mirror Cabinet 

Steam-bent oak frame with carved brown oak front. Compartments lined with oak-bark-tanned leather and 200-year-old Russia leather. Brass fittings and wheels.
Available to buy £poa.