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Welcome to the exo-pod

The eco-pod is a unique garden room ready to install in your garden or on your land. Inside there is space for a small double bed, desk, chair and log burner which Petter Southall is ready to make in the same simple style to your requirements. The pod is free-standing and can be moved on a trailer and installed as a garden office, a spare bedroom, an artist or writer’s retreat, or a hide for watching birds and nature.

The Pod, like a garden shed or shepherd’s hut, does not need planning permission* and can move with you if you move house.

*Please check this for your area.

Unique construction

Craftsman-built in the heart of Dorset, the Pod was designed and made by Petter Southall using two perfect arches of steam-bent Douglas Fir. These unique components were made for the Wave pavilion and not used. Steam-bending is an ancient process where the solid wood is bent around a former after being softened with steam. The natural character of the timber means it bends unevenly which is the beauty of the process. In steam-bending terms, perfect means it has bent without cracking and has become a very strong new form.


Solid, quality softwoods

In addition to Douglas Fir, the pod is made in solid Western Red Cedar, a resilient weather-resistant timber that untreated ages to a lovely grey colour; the inside walls are lined with Norwegian Pine (similar to Scots Pine) traditionally used in Norwegian wooden boats with a small shelf detail all around; and a little oak. The wood-lined ceiling has been limed. With 4 inches of insulation in walls and floor, the Pod holds the benefit from solar gain in summer. In winter a little log burner or heater would make this a dry and delicious destination.

Tread lightly

A low-impact structure which can be moved on a trailer, the eco-pod has recycled plastic roof tiles which are a fantastic use of plastic waste with wooden gutters to save rainwater designed to pour into a water tub or bucket for your plants. The door has a secure lock. Shown here on gravel, the pod could have a veranda built around it for sitting and eating out and for storage of wood for the burner. Sit or lie warm inside, listening to the birdsong immersed in nature. This is a place of tranquility and safety where you can think and dream in peace.

Interior floor space of the pod is 196 cm (6ft 5 inches) deep by 296 cm (9ft 8 ½ inches) wide by 215 cm (7ft ½ inches) high at highest point of arch.

Behind the door the space is 122 x 196 cm (4ft x 6ft 5 inches) or room for a small double bed 120 x 190 cm (4ft x 6ft 3 inches).

Exterior footprint excluding gutters is 323 cm x 224 cm  (10ft 7 inches x 7ft 4 inches).

Max exterior height 244 cm (8ft). An additional separate footing is advisable.

All enquiries about the Pod, please contact Sladers Yard on 01308 459511 or email

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