Radiance 2022

Paintings by Rachel Fenner ARCA and Alfred Stockham ARCA RWA 
Prints by Sally McLaren RE and Martyn Brewster

22 January – 9 March 2022

Radiance brings together prints and paintings by four exceptional artists with the fabulous furniture of Petter Southall. Inspired by the natural world of coast and countryside, ancient woodlands, rolling hills, sunshine and sea these are works of art to light us through the dark months at the beginning of the year.

Both Sally McLaren RE and Martyn Brewster have been producing exceptional, vibrant prints over the past couple of years, both working with the master-printmaker Andrew Smith to produce technically and artistically brilliant works on the unique press Smith had built to make Howard Hodgkin’s prints. Both Sally McLaren RE and Martyn Brewster are leading British printmakers working at the height of their powers.

Rachel Fenner ARCA has been a pioneering environmental artist, in sculpture and paint, since the 1970s. The small scale paintings she is showing here capture the extraordinary energy she felt when visiting a remote Welsh area of untouched original forest, one of the precious few left in the British Isles, together with rocky beach landscapes from Dorset and Pembrokeshire. 

Alfred Stockham ARCA RWA’s particular way of putting on paint , his knowledge and eye for colour and his ability to construct a perfect composition never ceases to delight and intrigue. Sadly Alfred died at the end of 2020 but we are pleased to show paintings, both abstract and more figurative from the last forty years of his life.

Sladers Yard Gallery is endlessly enhanced by Petter Southall’s exquisite furniture and his sculptural pieces large and small. An extraordinary artist and craftsman with a true understanding of his material, Petter’s pieces are deeply satisfying compositions in wood.