Martyn Brewster ARE

Blue Shadow 1 2017. acrylic and collage on canvas 90 x 110cm. 

Martyn’s work is inspired by colour and light, by the natural landscape and the sea on the Dorset coast. He is an artist whose seductive use of colour and vigorous originality has produced paintings and drawings that are collected worldwide. His drawings are often made on site and these and his etchings tend to be more figurative and in black and white with a brilliant control of tone. Like his paintings, Martyn’s silkscreen and linocut prints set colours against one another to find poetic expression in strong lyrical abstract compositions.

Martyn Brewster in his studio. photograph by Hattie Miles

Martyn Brewster’s lyrical abstract paintings combine seductive combinations of colour with vigorous poetic compositions, producing paintings, linocuts, etchings and pen and ink drawings of the Dorset coast that are collected worldwide.

We are delighted to hold stock of Martyn Brewster’s paintings which can be bought from the gallery and shipped or viewed here by appointment. Martyn’s work is presented framed unless otherwise stated. Any enquiries please call 01308 459511 or email

Martyn has lived near the cliffs and beaches of Southbourne in Dorset for thirty years inspired by the natural landscape, the sea and the light as well as by colour and by the paint itself. Recently he has introduced a more neutral palette which seems to give space for his use of tone – light and dark – and of the contrasting qualities of paint which can be thick or thin, translucent or opaque, defined or free flowing. Beautifully chosen vivid colour speaks out in the quieter surround creating paintings of contemplative power and pleasure.

Martyn Brewster was born in Oxford in 1952. He studied Art and Design in Hertfordshire and Fine Art (Painting) in Brighton followed by a Postgraduate diploma in Printmaking. He has been working as a professional artist ever since with regular solo shows in museums and galleries in London and throughout the UK as well as exhibitions in USA, Canada and throughout Europe. He has won numerous awards and his work is in private, public and corporate collections worldwide including the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Arts Institute Bournemouth and Bournemouth University. Recently his work has entered the collections of Pallant House, Chichester, and the Hepworth Wakefield. In London and New York he is represented by Waterhouse & Dodd. We are delighted to hold stock of his work. Martyn’s next solo show here will be in 2022. His prints will be showing in a group show over the summer of 2021.