In all its many moods, the sea holds an extraordinary fascination. With a respectful nod to Iris Murdoch whose title we are borrowing, The Sea, the Sea brings together the work of four leading contemporary landscape artists all of whom are inescapably drawn to the sea. From the ferocious storm-torn Shetland seas that energise Janette Kerr‘s work to the silent luminous expanses of Nicholas Jones‘s Arctic paintings, from the earthy in-the-moment Dorset paintings of Frances Hatch to Anthony Garratt‘s dynamic imaginative leaps, each explores and expresses in their work the passions, and the release of passions, that the sea represents for so many of us. All four are brave exploratory ambitious painters, highly regarded for the eloquence of their work.

CERAMICS at Sladers Yard is a strong strand of our business and we have a remarkable collection of work here by the country’s leading contemporary ceramic makers including domestic ware and sculpture. In addition to the work on the walls, we have a wide range of work available to view on our website and in the gallery by appointment.

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