Sunflowers by the Sea by Marzia Colonna MRBS

Many Moons

Marzia Colonna MRBS, Collages
Fiamma Colonna Montagu, Ceramic and Sculpture

9 September to 11 November 2023

In a rare and special exhibition, Marzia Colonna and Fiamma Colonna Montagu, mother and daughter, will be exhibiting together at Sladers Yard. Each is an artist with her own unique voice. Each is author of large-scale projects and commissions. Each has work in important collections in the USA and Europe.

Many Moons is a celebration of the years, of finding their personal paths, putting forward voices and ideas that are different but intriguingly compatible, with the pleasure of seeing each other’s work develop and often live side by side.

Circle of Life ‘Contrasting Elements’ by Fiamma Colonna Montagu

Sladers Yard Gallery is endlessly enhanced by Petter Southall’s exquisite furniture and his sculptural pieces large and small. An extraordinary artist and craftsman with a true understanding of his material, Petter’s pieces are deeply satisfying compositions in wood.