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Marzia Colonna MRBS

Iris and peonies 60 x 60 cm collage £4,250

We are delighted to hold stock of collages by the acclaimed collage artist and sculptor Marzia Colonna which are available to buy online or view in the gallery by appointment. Marzia’s bronze sculptures are also available to commission or buy.

Marzia Colonna’s next major exhibition will be this Autumn at Sladers Yard please let us know on if you would like a notification when Marzia’s new work is available to view online and buy/reserve.

The sculptural works that were shown at Sladers Yard in 2019 are concerned with the metamorphic female form. Relating the young girl’s development to nature, a butterfly emerging as a young girl in Chrysalis, the nymph rising from the sea in Young Venus.  Similarly tender but with a more solid base, is the strong punctured form of Mother Earth. Colonna works intuitively, reaching for the sensations she wants to communicate with a lifetime of craft, technique and experience to call upon.  

Marzia Colonna was born in Pisa in 1951.  She entered art school aged 12 and continued to study at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence. In 1970 she moved to England with her husband Robert Montagu. Her first solo exhibition in London was in 1979. Since then she has exhibited regularly. Her work is in many private and corporate collections in Europe, the United States and Australasia. Since 1985 she has lived and worked in West Dorset. A major sculpture was purchased in 2001 by the Jerwood foundation and in 2002 by Newby Hall sculpture collection. Public commissions include a crucifix for Salisbury Cathedral (2002), ‘St Adhelm’ for Sherborne Abbey (2004), ‘Mermaid’ for the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (2007), ‘Kite Flyer’ for Winchester (2009) and ‘Earth and Sea’, a life-sized piece in Krakow. She is represented in London by the Portland Gallery.  Autumn 2021 will be her fifth major exhibition at Sladers Yard.

Marzia Colonna’s great talent is to take us directly into her subject matter. Whether she is working in collage or in sculpture, she is able to convey the physical sensations of being in a particular place, time and situation.  ‘I try to become a part of my subjects, animate and inanimate, to get to the essence of what they are,’ she says.

Described by Adrian Hamilton (The Independent) as ‘some of her most exciting and pleasurable works,’ Marzia Colonna’s collages capture the exceptional landscape of West Dorset with the eye of someone who knows and understands it, in different weather and times of year, with a wonderful sense of space and light. Her still lives and flowers are beautifully observed and often straight from her garden. Her disciplined approach to collage underpins the work with a strong abstract quality of mark and pattern. Her collages are made entirely from paper painted by her beforehand.  ‘When I work with collage I feel I am sculpting with paper and painting at the same time. It is fast and furious work; holding on to and trying to replicate the memory of the landscape that I have experienced, not just visually in its form and colour, but also in the impact created in my mind by the wind, sun, rain, smells and sounds.’

Her sculpture is based on the human form, which she uses to express what we all share as human beings. It fascinates her that wherever we come from, whatever our race or religion, we feel the same basic needs and desires. She sees the body as the vessel of human emotion, touching in its combination of fragility and strength. Many of her bronzes, and indeed of her paper sculptures, reveal the tenderness with which she views her fellow human beings.


Marzia Colonna The Kite-Flyer of Winchester

28 page full colour stapled paperback book. 20 x 20 cm. Original story and pictures by Marzia Colonna. Published by Marzia Colonna. For children. Available for £5.99 + p&p.