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Mike Dodd

One of the most well known and popular studio potters, Mike Dodd makes beautiful practical and affordable domestic ware as well as his unique studio pieces. This exhibition includes a good range of his domestic pots. 

Mike Dodd’s restless, curious, compassionate approach to ceramics comes across best in his work and in his own words. ‘I want good strong form and glazes with depth, quietness and warmth – qualities which can pierce deep into feeling and evoke a sense of interconnectedness and love, telling the same story in many different ways.’ (An Autobiography of Sorts by Mike Dodd). As well as a talented artist, and writer, Mike is also a very accomplished cook. His domestic ware is made to be used.

Mike Dodd’s domestic ware can be seen below and bought via telephone (01308 459511) or email or direct online. The measurements refer to Height x Width at highest and widest points (ie including spouts and handles etc) or Diameter if it is circular. 

The pots are shown in two groups, Dishes and Bowls first and Jugs and Mugs below. Don’t forget to look at the second section! We are always happy to ship pots at cost.

A thinker, teacher and writer, Mike Dodd has devoted his creative practice to the felt rather than the thought, the physical and perceptual rather than the intellectual. His work is firmly, fiercely, rooted in the tradition of the great potters that have gone before him but, unlike many, he has been able to draw inspiration from that root to create his own free, strong and highly energised pots.

Like Richard Batterham, one of his heroes, Mike Dodd went to Bryanston School and was taught by Donald Potter, an inspiring figure who had studied under Eric Gill and worked with Michael Cardew at Winchcombe. Mike went on to study medicine at Cambridge followed by a postgraduate course in ceramics at Hammersmith School of Art. His passionate interest has always been ‘to go back to the the origin, to the source. In practical terms this meant firing with wood, and as far as was expedient, to use local materials for the clay, and slips, rocks and wood ashes for the glazes. This was the start – an education by doing, by observing, by feeling, developing a deep sense of relationship with material.’

Throughout his long and dedicated career he has produced an exceptional body of work, always looking and changing, using his knowledge to create truly magnificent pots. 

An Autobiography of Sorts by Mike Dodd

204 page full colour Hardback book. 29 x 22.5 cm. Published by Canterton Books.

I try to be as honest as possible about the choices I make concerning all aspects of my work. If those choices are truly individual then the element of integrity starts to appear in the work. The role that this element of integrity has is that it can open another’s perceptions.