Julian Bailey NEAC

Julian Bailey NEAC When Julian Bailey paints in oil he works on board, enjoying the resistance of the hard surface. ‘I have a fairly wide range of colours, but try to limit my palette as much as possible in one painting. I try to keep the colours fresh and clean, using clearly visible brush strokes […]

Martyn Brewster ARE

Martyn Brewster ARE Blue Shadow 1. 2017. Acrylic and collage on canvas. 90 x 110cm.  Martyn’s work is inspired by colour and light, by the natural landscape and the sea on the Dorset coast. He is an artist whose seductive use of colour and vigorous originality has produced paintings and drawings that are collected worldwide. His drawings […]

Brian Graham

Brian Graham A stunted thorn stands here and there. 51 x 51 cm. Acrylic on canvas. We are delighted to show a selection of Brian Graham’s Great Heath paintings. Celebrated by Thomas Hardy, the heath originally stretched between Dorchester where Hardy grew up and Bournemouth where Brian Graham grew up. As an important habitat, it is […]

Frances Hatch ARWS

Frances Hatch ARWS Group Show of leading Dorset artists 18 May – 14 July 2024 Frances Hatch is acclaimed for her radical and innovative approach to landscape painting. Each of her pictures is a moment of time in a particular place. Materials from that place will be included in the picture, which is made there […]

David Inshaw

David Inshaw Salisbury Plain II. 2018. oil on canvas 24 x 24″ 61 x 61cm. We are delighted to represent David Inshaw, one of the great English painters living today. David Inshaw is acclaimed for his resonant paintings of the English countryside, alive with light effects, trees, birds in flight, bonfires and figures not posing […]

Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones Nicholas Jones’s most recent paintings are inspired by Arctic space and light. He is fascinated by how such a rich and varied beauty can be created in the Arctic from the simplest of elements: ice, rock, water and light. His appointment in 2018 as Artist in Residence for the Friends of the Scott […]

Gabriele Koch

Gabriele Koch Widely revered as a consummate artist in clay, Gabriele Koch’s ceramics are admired by collectors worldwide. Her search has always been for simplicity, restraint and beauty in her work. Recently she has been exploring new techniques and materials, finding ways to combine heavy black clay with white porcelain, and working with texture and […]

Alex Lowery

Alex Lowery At Sladers Yard we are proud to represent Alex Lowery.  His work is showing now in the group exhibition Radiance, see the link below. Paintings that are not in the current show can be viewed at the gallery by appointment. Please contact us in advance so that we can have them ready for […]

Kate Lynch

Kate Lynch Farm: Paintings, Drawings and Somerset Voices 84 page full colour paperback. 22 x 22 cm. Published by Furlong Fields Publishing. Available for £8 + £8 p&p. BUY NOW

Sally McLaren RE

Sally McLaren RE Leading British print-maker SALLY McLAREN has if possible become even more connected to the landscape through the recent lockdowns and then freed by the subsequent release. Her most recent prints are celebratory, exploratory, light in touch and brilliant in colour.  Sally McLaren is preoccupied by ‘The life that springs in landscape, the […]

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