David Atkins

David Atkins We are delighted to represent David Atkins who painted some of his most free and energetic paintings outside in the wind and the weather during the summer lockdown of 2020. David Atkins’ paintings are available to buy and can be viewed in the gallery by appointment. Some of his work is held in […]

Julian Bailey

Julian Bailey Julian Bailey’s paintings are filled with colour, energy and movement. We are very pleased to hold stock of his work which can be seen below in three sections, Paintings, Drawings and Prints. Apart from some prints which are unframed, the works are presented framed in good pale wooden frames and are available to […]

Michael Bennallack Hart

Michael Bennallack Hart Michael Bennallack Hart’s landscapes draw one in to their compelling atmospheric presence. Unusual contemporary compositions convey a Romantic sense of mood. His landscapes, from Dartmoor to Mont Blanc are caught in moments of superb light effects, moments of wonder. In both composition and colour, his interesting combination of freedom and restraint  make you want to […]

Martyn Brewster

Martyn Brewster Shadows and Light acrylic with collage on canvas 120 x 100 cm 2019 £8,500 Martyn Brewster’s lyrical abstract paintings combine seductive combinations of colour with vigorous poetic compositions, producing paintings, linocuts, etchings and pen and ink drawings of the Dorset coast that are collected worldwide. We are delighted to hold stock of Martyn […]

Daisy Cook

Daisy Cook Autumn Woodland II 40 x 50 cm Daisy Cook and her sister Lucy were Peter Cook’s only children from his first marriage to Wendy Snowden. It was his death in 1995 when he was only 57 which motivated Daisy to become a full-time artist and do what she had always wanted to do. […]

Fred Cuming RA

Fred Cuming RA Waiting for the Ferry, FoweySigned, limited edition silkscreen print, framed £1,280 Richard Holmes, the Romantic biographer, describes how Fred Cuming RA ‘reinvent[s] the world through colour’ to paint ‘both a recognisable place, which can be visited; and yet a completely transformed object of poetic intensity.’   For Fred Cuming, Turner has long been […]

Anne Davies

Anne Davies Anne Davies sees landscape as patterns of colour and texture.  Memory and imagination feed into her fascinating small paintings. Drawn to semi-industrialised waterfronts, west country harbours, the north of England where she grew up and the Docklands of London are the places her mind goes to when she works. She loves the idea of […]

Luke Elwes

Luke Elwes Luke Elwes Dawn water oil on canvas 2018 75 x 80cm £poa ‘Luminous fields composed of sea and sky,’ describes the subject matter of Luke Elwes’ own work very beautifully. Whether they are watercolour studies he made at sunrise on the banks of the Ganges, or different waters closer to home, his paintings […]

Michael Fairclough

Michael Fairclough Michael Fairclough explores the immensity of sun, sky and sea in richly coloured, multi-layered and deeply textured impasto paintings. His recent works contemplate the transition from light to darkness. Sunset, dusk and twilight are a succession of light effects which can easily look overblown in paintings but Michael Fairclough’s compositions encompass the subtle […]

Rachel Fenner

Rachel Fenner In the Mind’s Eye Saturday 30 January – Sunday 14 March 2021 Rachel Fenner painted most of the paintings in this exhibition after a release from lockdown last summer, when she was finally able to visit ancient woodlands and the coast. Rachel is an established environmental sculptor and landscape painter. Throughout the 80s […]