Vanessa Gardiner High Cliffs 9 (Orkney) 2024. acrylic on board 87 x 129 cm

Sea Cliffs

Vanessa Gardiner recent painting and drawings

Yo Thom studio pottery

Petter Southall furniture

Plus, in the Café: Group show of leading Dorset Artists

18 May – 14 July 2024

Clean lines, dynamic surfaces and thrilling coastal subject matter are defining features of all three of the artists in this exhibition.

Vanessa Gardiner’s new paintings of Boscastle, Tintagel and Godrevy, subjects she has loved all her life and has painted often and brilliantly, are reinvigorated in this exhibition by the addition of Orkney. Daring dazzling paintings reveal the new energy this dramatic new location has brought to Vanessa’s work.

Yo Thom’s work draws on both Japanese and British pottery traditions and practices. She uses stoneware which is thrown, slabbed, coiled and pinched into delightful simple forms.  She lives in and is inspired by Dorset’s beautiful rural landscape which she celebrates in her distinctive sgraffito technique  reminiscent of patchwork-style recycled Japanese folk textiles called ‘Boro’.

Petter Southall’s recent work celebrates the trees whose exceptional wood he is using in simple beautiful forms that only a master-craftsman could create. Always original and surprising in his understated and brilliantly judged detailing, Petter’s pieces take your breath away.

Vanessa Gardiner Godrevy Point 51 2024. acrylic on board 36 x 58 cm £3,000

Vanessa Gardiner‘s practice echoes the process of erosion. Her surfaces are scoured and abraded, layered and scrubbed back using the media and the texture of the surface to describe her subject. Implacable rock faces convey emotional depth and charge. Areas of opaque colour abut contrasting worked sections creating tension. Lines are scored, straight or curving to delineate and divide the thresholds and contours, columns and ledges.

Yo Thom YT122 Large Tsubo. h18 x d28 cm £780

Yo Thom was born in Tokyo. She completed an MA in Ceramics at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in 2000. Whilst studying, she also worked for Lisa Hammond MBE at Maze Hill Pottery in London, continuing her apprenticeship for a further two years after graduation.

After five years in  her own studio in London, Yo Thom moved to Shaftesbury, Dorset, in 2009 and has since had a family. She is an elected member of the Craft Potters Association and has exhibited widely throughout the UK. 

Petter Southall. Tall Ship Shape h 32.5 x w 52.5 x d26.5 cm Two pieces of oak, steam bent, cut on an angle and joined with hidden joinery, washed and sanded finish £1,950

Petter Southall has been making his distinctive furniture, and more recently architectural and sculptural pieces, in Dorset since 1989. He combines traditional Norwegian wooden boatbuilding with highly skilled cabinetmaking techniques to create work that looks simple and entirely original. A group of his exceptional pieces is on permanent display at Sladers Yard. To this he adds works he makes to explore new ideas. A recent workshop move to Denhay northwest of Bridport after 30 years at Chilcombe has opened a new chapter in his career and new thoughts about bringing wood into people’s lives in interesting, ethical and life-enhancing pieces of work.

To register your interest in any of the artists in the exhibition, or any enquiries please contact us on

In the Café: paintings by Frances Hatch, Alex Lowery, and others with prints by Julian Bailey

Additional ceramics by Peter Hayes, Gabriele Koch, Fiamma Colonna Montagu, Adela Powell, Sue Ure and Paul Wearing. Bronze sculpture by Clare Trenchard. Textiles by Margo Selby, Wallace Sewell and Studio Lucent. Books, prints and accessories will also be constantly renewed.

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