Michael Fairclough

Michael Fairclough Michael Fairclough explores the immensity of sun, sky and sea in richly coloured, multi-layered and deeply textured impasto paintings. His recent works contemplate the transition from light to darkness. Sunset, dusk and twilight are a succession of light effects which can easily look overblown in paintings but Michael Fairclough’s compositions encompass the subtle […]

Rachel Fenner ARCA

Rachel Fenner ARCA Rachel Fenner’s recent paintings and drawings of holloways, rocky coves and the last marvellous vestiges of Britain’s temperate rainforests are deeply felt responses to powerful places where wild things still survive. Rachel is an established environmental sculptor and landscape painter. Throughout the 80s and 90s she worked prolifically making public art all […]

Matt Fothergill

Matt Fothergill Leather Goods Matt Fothergill is one of Britain’s best leatherworkers.  The quality of the leather he uses is a pleasure to touch and his stitching and styling are faultless. He studied saddlery, harness making, fashion accessory design and construction at Cordwainers College in London.  He now specialises in commissions and bespoke work as […]

Vanessa Gardiner

Vanessa Gardiner Harbour 12 acrylic on board 37 x 61 cm Vanessa Gardiner paints in a dynamic geometric style enlivened with lyrical curving lines. Her colours may be opaque and crisp or more translucent and weathered, scoured and scored, washed back and reapplied, to give surfaces like those of a pebble on the beach. Seductive […]

Anthony Garratt

Anthony Garratt Anthony Garratt is an experimental painter of landscape and sea. His paintings of Dartmoor and the Devon coast show his love of running and tidal water within the landscape. Since he and his young family moved to Dartmoor, Anthony’s engagement with this wild landscape and its long history speaks in these dynamic paintings. […]

Brian Graham

Brian Graham A stunted thorn stands here and there 51 x 51 cm acrylic on canvas We are delighted to show a selection of Brian Graham’s Great Heath paintings. Celebrated by Thomas Hardy, the heath originally stretched between Dorchester where Hardy grew up and Bournemouth where Brian Graham grew up. As an important habitat, it is […]

Frances Hatch ARWS

Frances Hatch ARWS RADIANCE Radiance 18 November – 21 January 2024 Frances Hatch is acclaimed for her radical and innovative approach to landscape painting. Each of her pictures is a moment of time in a particular place. Materials from that place will be included in the picture, which is made there and then, every element […]

Peter Hayes

Peter Hayes Ceramic sculptor Peter Hayes makes his timeless pieces with an attitude of playful curiosity. A recent trip to Oman has inspired a new way of marking his pieces with abstract patterns.  Peter Hayes has travelled and led projects in Africa, India, Japan and Korea, embracing many of the ideas and techniques he has observed […]

Akiko Hirai

Akiko Hirai Ceramics Moon Jar large All Akiko’s work has now sold. Let us know on gallery@sladersyard.co.uk if you would like a notification when new stock of her work arrives. We are happy to ship pots. Akiko Hirai was born in Japan in March 1970. She initially studied cognitive psychology in Japan and obtained her degree before […]

David Inshaw

David Inshaw Wiltshire Monument oil on canvas. 117 x 117cm. David Inshaw We are delighted to represent David Inshaw, the consummate painter of the English landscape. Described as ‘perhaps the greatest living proponent of the English Romantic tradition’ (Spectator), Inshaw invokes the powers of the night, the moon, trees, bonfires, fireworks, the sea, birds, animals, people and […]