20 July - 15 September 2024

Aquatint, carborundum, deep etching, screenprint, linocut and woodcut prints by:

Laura Boswell ARE, Martyn Brewster ARE, Merlyn Chesterman RE,

Nick Jones, Anita Klein RE and Sally McLaren RE.

Wooden sculpture by Roger Hardy

Furniture and sculpture by Petter Southall

Ceramics by leading studio potters and sculptors.

While making prints has always been a way to produce original works of art at affordable prices, by sharing the work of making the plate between the owners of a limited number of prints, most of the artists in this show say it also offers a freedom to experiment that complements their painting.

A sense of play gives all the work in the show a light and joyous touch (of course this is also the result of talent and years of practice). Of the two woodworkers and six printmakers in this show, four are figurative and four more abstract, but all eight artists produce work that finds wonder in a world filled with darkness as well as light.

If you would like to register interest in any of the artists below, and receive a notification when the work becomes available to view online, please email us on or call 01308 459511 with any enquiries. 

We introduce the compassionate wooden sculpture of Roger Hardy, who releases the humanity which he sees within found wood. His work relates to the movements of peoples now and throughout time. Petter Southall’s furniture and sculpture bring woodworking techniques used in the Viking ships into a clean, modern age.

Anita Klein’s witty intimate images of herself enjoying the simple pleasures of life resonate for us all. Anita is an internationally acclaimed and collected artist. Martyn Brewster expresses mood, music and landscape in strong abstracted colour. Celebrated as a painter and printmaker, his work sings without words. Nick Jones’ recent arctic paintings have won prizes and accolades on all sides. Printmaking is a recent venture for him offering a new outlet for the exploration of colour and light developed in his paintings.

Sally McLaren’s gloriously confident, unselfconscious prints sparkle with the life and zest that is uniquely hers. Now well into her eighties, she continues her bold and brilliant work. Trained in China, Merlyn Chesterman makes extraordinarily accomplished woodcuts. Her rhythmic marks or cuts capture the energy of the sea and wind. Laura Boswell has a following of thousands as she makes linocuts of the natural world. Trained partly in Japan, she expresses deep feeling through beautiful  prints of the west coast of Scotland.

To register interest in any of the artists in the exhibition, and receive a notification when the work becomes available to view online, please email us on or call 01308 459511.

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